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Housing Options Wizard



Welcome to the Housing Options Wizard

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Derby Homes tenants contact your landlord. Other applicants contact the Housing Options Centre.

Filling in this Housing Wizard provides us with basic information allowing us to give you housing advice. Once you have completed the Wizard you can complete an Online Application to join the Derby Homefinder Housing Register.


Completing your Housing Options Wizard

  • Is the quickest way to tell us that you want Social Housing
  • Tells you what your housing options are

Two things you need to do before you complete your Wizard

1. Check that you are eligible

Not everyone living in the UK can apply for Social Housing.

The rules about who is eligible for Social Housing can be very complicated and depends on your immigration status.

You can apply for Social Housing if:

  • You are a British citizen, living in the UK permanently and have not recently lived abroad (except if you are on an assignment with the British Armed Forces)
  • A citizen of another country with the right to stay in the UK with no restrictions on how long you can stay.

The rules about EEA workers, people from the EEA and from other countries are complicated and not everyone is eligible for social housing.

Please visit the Shelter website to see if you are eligible for Social Housing before you complete your Housing Wizard

2. Check that you have a Local Connection with Derby see appendix 2 of the Derby Homefinder Allocations Policy


Remember You Must visit the Action Plan page to "complete" the Wizard. You cannot to fill in the Social Housing application unless you have done this.

The Wizard will ask you some questions and guide you through all the housing options that may be available to you.

Look at all of the options available to you

There is a limited number of Council and Housing Association properties available to rent each year. Looking at all the different options might help you to find a suitable property more quickly.

What housing options are available?

There are lots of different options available but they are not suitable for everyone. Your Housing Options Wizard Action Plan will tell you which options are suitable for you. Some of the available options:

  • Shared Ownership
  • Mutual Exchange, swapping your home with another Derby Homes or Housing Association tenant
  • Privately renting a property
  • Social Housing with Derby Homes or a Housing Association
  • Help to stop you becoming Homeless


Completing the Housing Options Wizard is not a Social Housing Application.

You must complete the online Social Housing Application before you can be considered for Social Housing.


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