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Derby Homefinder

South Derbyshire Homefinder

South Derbyshire Homefinder Logo

South Derbyshire District Council have a housing options website called South Derbyshire Homefinder.

This service will work in exactly the same way as Derby Homefinder but is mainly for customers who want to live in the South Derbyshire areas.

The map below shows the South Derbyshire areas.

South Derbyshire Homefinder Map

Visit  for more information.

What does this mean for Derby Homefinder applicants?

From time to time some properties will be advertised on both websites.  These are called 'sub-regional' properties. You won't need to be a memeber of South Derbyshire Homefinder to bid for these 'sub regional' properties but if you want to bid for any other properties on South Derbyshire Homefinder you will need to apply to South Derbyshires Homefinder register.

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