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Derby Homefinder

Online Application Forms

Online Housing Applications

Our priority is to discuss your housing situation and advise you of your housing options before we accept a housing application. This is because of the shortage of accommodation in the city and so that we can give you the best advice to get you suitably housed as soon as possible.


You will be asked if your local authority is Derby, or South Derbyshire.
If you select South Derbyshire, you will actually be applying to join South Derbyshire Homefinder and will not have access to your application. Please make sure you choose Derby.

Once you have completed the first part of the form you will see reen giving you your login number (make a note of this) then follow the link to complete a Social Housing form.

If you have already completed an online assessment form

  • If you already have a login number, click here to login.
  • If you cannot remember your login number, click here to contact us. 

Complete an online assessment form so we can give you housing advice and show you the housing options available to you. The information you supply on this form becomes part of your application for the housing options available through the Derby Homefinder website.

If you decide to look for accommodation using our website after you have completed the online assessment we need you to give us additional information about your household by filling in the new household registration.

  • Open to All properties: properties anyone can bid on, you will be able to bid on these properties after you have completed the online assessment and then the new household registration.
  • Mutual Exchange: if you are a Derby Homefinder landlord tenant living in Derby you can apply to swap your home with another social landlord tenant.
    Once you have completed the online assessment and then the new household registration you can complete/access a mutual exchange application by selecting "My Mutal Exchange" from the list on the left hand side of the Login / Your Status page.
  • Social Housing: if the online assessment says you are eligible to apply for social housing:
    • Derby Homes tenants only: when you have completed the new household registration form you will be able fill in an online application for social housing.
    • Non Derby Homes tenants follow the advice given in the Social Housing section of your online assessment.
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